We believe that everyone should love what they eat, and our passion is creating amazing foods through the power of Ancient Grains.

A tale of flour (and tasty food).

Gluten-free Goodness?

Back in 2005, Georgia Hutton, a baker and foodie in Austin set out to create a better gluten-free flour blend for a friend with celiac disease. Her mission was to improve the taste, texture and nutrition of all the rice blends on the market.

A bit of experimentation led her to sorghum, amaranth and teff — three Ancient Grains that happen to be completely gluten free. Eureka! Our blend was born.

Smart Flour is Born

Georgia’s friend loved loved loved the blend so much she shared it with her physician, Erika Leakey. Erika agreed it was way too good to keep quiet and voila — they founded Gluten Free Kneads.

They started making tasty, nutritious, gluten-free pizza crusts for restaurants and demand just kept growing as people realized you CAN enjoy grains AND be gluten free.

Along Came Charlie

A few years later, Austin-based tech executive Charlie Pace discovered that he was gluten intolerant. Out searching for great tasting gluten-free foods, he tried one of those pizzas in a local restaurant.

He loved it so much that he left the bits and bytes behind in 2011 and made this delectable Ancient Grain formulation his life’s passion. He acquired Gluten Free Kneads and changed the name to Smart Flour Foods to reflect its broad potential…something everyone would love.

Ancient Grain, Gluten Free USA

Fast forward a few very short years and gluten-free, gluten choosy, or just plain hungry fans can find Smart Flour in stores and restaurants across the country!