Chef’s Corner #6: Herb Grilled Sirloin Pizza

“Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s post of Chefs’ Corner. For me, the arrival of Memorial Day Weekend has always coincided with the beginning of the grilling season. So for this weekend, I’ve created a Grilled Sirloin Pizza for you to enjoy with family and friends. Not only are we grilling the crust, we are grilling the vegetables as well!  I hope you all have as much fun working with this recipe as I did creating it. Have a great holiday weekend and as always, get cooking!”

“Food is Life, Enjoy it!”

Chef Kent

Herb Grilled Sirloin Pizza


Smart Flour Foods Ancient Grain Crust                    1 each

*Garlic Oil                                                                        2 teaspoons

Smoked Gouda, grated                                                  ½ cup

Goat Cheese, small crumbles                                        ½ cup

**Grilled Onion, Pepper & Fresh Herb Salad            all

***Marinated Sirloin                                                      1 each

****Chimichurri                                                              1 ½ Tablespoons


  1. Grill the marinated sirloin to your desired temperature, allow to rest while preparing the pizza.
  2. Once the sirloin has been grilled, adjust the temperature to medium low and clean the grill.
  3. Brush the Ancient Grain Crust with the garlic oil on both sides, place onto the grill and cook for 2 ½ minutes while rotating the crust occasionally.
  4. Turn the crust over and continue to cook for an additional 2 ½ minutes.
  5. Remove the crust from the grill, evenly distribute the Smoked Gouda and Goat Cheese across the surface the crust leaving a ½ inch border around the edge.
  6. Evenly distribute the Onion & Pepper Salad across the surface of the cheese.
  7. Place the topped crust back onto the grill and close the lid.
  8. Allow the cheese to melt and then remove from the grill.
  9. Slice the grilled sirloin into 10 each, ¼” slices, top the pizza with sirloin slices and drizzle with the Chimichurri sauce.


*Roasted Garlic Oil 

Equipment List:

Small Sauce Pot, 1 ½ quart

Small Rubber Spatula, high temperature

Fine Mesh Strainer, small

Airtight Container, 1 quart


Garlic Cloves, peeled                                                1 cup (about 4 ½ ounces in weight)

Olive Oil                                                                      2 cups


  1. Using the small sauce pot add the garlic cloves, olive oil and place onto low heat.
  2. Allow the mixture to come to a simmer and cook for 20 minutes or until golden brown while stirring occasionally.
  3. Once the garlic cloves are golden brown remove the sauce pot from the heat and let stand at room temperature until cool.
  4. Once cool strain the mixture through the fine mesh strainer into the two-quart airtight container.
  5. Store the airtight container in the refrigerator until needed.

Note: The roasted garlic cloves that are left make a great pizza topping.

Note: The finished yield on this recipe will approximately 2 cups and the shelf life will be between 7 and 10 days.

**Grilled Onion, Pepper & Fresh Herb Salad

Equipment List:

Cutting Board, medium size

Chefs’ Knife

Paring Knife

Mixing Bowl, medium sized

Mixing Bowl, small

Baking Sheet, small

Measuring Spoons

Tongs, small


Red Onion, medium size                                                 ½ each

Red Bell Pepper, medium size                                      ¼ each

Yellow Bell Pepper, medium size                                 ¼ each

Fresh Basil Leaves, large                                               5 each

Fresh oregano leaves                                                      2 tablespoons

Grapeseed Oil                                                                  2 Tablespoons

Kosher Salt                                                                       ½ teaspoon

Fresh Ground Black Pepper                                          ¼ teaspoon


  1. Preheat the grill on medium.
  2. Using the Chefs’ knife, trims both ends of the red onion and discard.
  3. Using the paring knife, make a small cut the length of the onion and remove the first layer.
  4. Using the Chefs’ knife, slice half of the onion into ¼” pieces (wrap the remaining half in plastic wrap and hold refrigerated for the next project).
  5. Remove any green (sprouted) area from the center of slice, then separate into individual rings and place into the medium sized mixing bowl.
  6. Once again using the Chefs’ knife trim the tops of the bell peppers off, exposing the seed pod and the white ribs of the pepper, place the trimmed tops into the mixing bowl.
  7. Using your fingers remove the seed pod from the pepper and discard.
  8. Slice each pepper in 1/4th’s lengthwise, making sure to make your cuts between the white ribs (this will make removing the ribs much easier).
  9. Using the small paring knife, trim out the white ribs from each piece of bell pepper and discard.
  10. Wrap the six unused pieces of bell pepper in plastic wrap and hold refrigerated for the next project.
  11. Place the two-quarters of bell pepper into the mixing bowl with the onion rings.
  12. Add the olive oil, kosher salt, fresh ground black pepper and toss well until the onions and peppers are thoroughly coated with oil and seasoning.
  13. Place the onion rings and pepper pieces onto the hot grill making sure not to overlap any of the pieces.
  14. Grill while turning occasionally until the peppers and onions have taken on nice char marks and are tender to the touch.
  15. Remove the onions and peppers from the grill and place onto a baking sheet to cool.
  16. Layer the basil leaves together and using the Chefs’ knife slice into ¼ inch strips.
  17. Layer the oregano leaves together and using the Chefs’ knife slice into ¼ inch strips.
  18. Place the basil and the oregano into the small mixing bowl.
  19. Using the Chefs’ knife, slice the grilled onions into 1-inch pieces and place into the small mixing bowl.
  20. Once again using the Chefs’ knife, slice the grilled peppers into 1.4” strips and place into the small mixing bowl.
  21. Gently toss the mixture together until thoroughly combined and hold refrigerated until needed.

***Herb Marinated Sirloin


Cutting Board, small

Paring Knife

Chefs’ Knife

Tongs, small pair

Mixing Bowl, medium size

Baking Sheet


Plastic Wrap


Precut Sirloin Steak, choice, 8-9ozw                           1 each

Garlic Oil                                                                          2 Tablespoons

Fresh Rosemary, finely chopped                                 2 teaspoons

Fresh Garlic, minced                                                      1 teaspoon

Fresh Ground Black Pepper                                         ½ teaspoon


  1. Using the medium sized mixing bowl, whisk together the garlic oil, chopped rosemary, minced garlic and the fresh ground pepper.
  2. Place the sirloin into the oil mixture and coat well.
  3. Cover the mixing bowl with plastic wrap and hold refrigerated for 3 hours.
  4. Once the 3 hours has expired, remove the sirloin from the marinade and place onto a small baking sheet.
  5. Hold the marinated sirloin refrigerated until ready to grill.


Equipment Needed:

Cutting Board, small

Chef’s Knife


Rubber Spatula, small

Airtight Container, small


Flat leaf Parsley, fresh, leaves only                                   1 cup, packed

Mint, fresh, leaves only                                                       ½ cup, packed

Oregano, fresh, leaves only                                                ½ cup, packed

Canola Oil                                                                              1 cup

Sherry Vinegar                                                                      2 Tablespoons

Lime Juice, freshly squeezed                                             2 Tablespoons

Red Chili Flakes                                                                    1 teaspoon

Garlic Cloves, large, fresh                                                   8 each

Kosher Salt                                                                             ½ teaspoon

Black Pepper, freshly ground                                             ¼ teaspoon


  1. Place all of the ingredients into the blender and process until smooth.
  2. Transfer the finished sauce into the airtight container and hold refrigerated until needed.

Yield: 1 ½ Cups

Shelf Life: 3 days