Well, it’s just what the title says – questions folks seem to be asking us frequently. We threw in some fun facts, too. Because, well, they’re fun.

Are your products allergen free or just gluten free?

All of our products are gluten free and you can find out more information about allergens in our ingredients list. Ingredients are listed on each product page here on our website and on our packaging. Find a full list of our products here.

Is Smart Flour sold in stores or restaurants?

Well, both actually. We offer gluten-free frozen pizzas and crusts that are available in hundreds of stores around the country.  We also sell our pizza crusts and hamburger buns to a wide variety of restaurants.  To find a store or restaurant near you, check out our store locator.

How is Smart Flour Foods’ pizza different than other gluten-free options?

It’s all about the Ancient Grains!  Because we use grains (and not rice flour), our products are tastier than other gluten-free options, and the texture is also much more like conventional wheat-based products.  Last (but certainly not least), ancient grains offer an elevated nutritional profile.  Our products are high in vitamins and minerals like calcium, and contain significant amounts of fiber.

Is your pizza dairy free? Are they vegan?

Our gluten-free pizza crusts are also dairy free and vegan.  Our retail frozen pizzas are not dairy free as we use real cheese.  If you order one of our crusts in a restaurant, the staff can tell you about the specifics of the ingredients and toppings that they use.

Are Smart Flour products certified non-GMO?

Yes, some are! Our retail two pack pizza crusts are Project non-GMO certified. You’ll find the Project non-GMO emblem on the front of the package. Click here for a link to a press release announcing the certification. Stay tuned for further updates as our food service crusts and flat breads are currently going through the certification process and we expect that to be complete in the summer of 2016.

Is your pizza vegetarian?

Our crusts are vegetarian, and our Classic Cheese and Garden Margherita pizzas are vegetarian.  If you order our crust in a restaurant, the staff can tell you about the specifics of the ingredients and toppings that they use.