Garden Margherita Pizza

We don’t know exactly why it’s called a margherita pizza (something to do with a princess in Italy), but we do know how to make a darn good one. With juicy Roma tomatoes diced to perfection and a sprinkling of fresh, flavorful basil, this pizza will have you saying “MMMMmmmargherita.”

  • Certified gluten-free
  • Go Texan
  • Whole Grains Council

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  • Was in the mood to healthfully indulge tonight, so I turned to @smartflourfoods Margherita Pizza. This is the best tasting #glutenfree pie I’ve had to date, AND it’s made with #tapioca, #sorghum, #teff, and #amaranth. I love me some #ancientgrains. Props to you, #smartflourfoods for making a darn delicious healthy pizza!

    Amy C.
  • Best GF pizza ever! I can’t believe I didn’t find you sooner!

    April W.

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