Get the latest research on the pizza consumer

Here at Smart Flour Foods, we’re always interested in getting to know our customer better. So we partnered with the Center for Generational Kinetics to commission the first national research study that looked at pizza consumption and buying habits by generation. This comprehensive research revealed a wealth of unexpected insights for pizza retailers (grocers), restaurants and consumers.

This study answers critical questions, like:

  • Who loves pizza, men or women?
  • What do pizza lovers look for when choosing a pizza? How are those preferences different across generations?
  • Where do people get information about pizza? How prevalent is social media, print media, and other sources?
  • Which ingredients are preferred, and which are avoided?

That’s just the beginning! To learn more, download the study executive summary today using the button below. Two informative summary infographics that illustrate key findings are also available via the download buttons below.

To request the full white paper or discuss the findings, please contact

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