Upper Crust is the 2017 World Champion for its Gluten-Free Pizza


 “Big Italy” Recipe Made with Smart Flour™ Dough Wins Pizza Expo’s International Pizza Challenge

CLEVELAND–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Upper Crust, a premium pizzeria in Ohio, has won the International Pizza Challenge sponsored by the International Pizza Expo. Their new recipe, “Big Italy,” was deemed the 2017 World Champion, Best Gluten-Free Pizza. Made with Smart Flour™’s proprietary ancient-grain dough, a house-made spicy garlic sauce, and gourmet toppings ranging from filet mignon to Peruvian red pepper drops, this delectable pie won over the judges’ taste buds with every bite. Pizza lovers can order the exact award-winning “Big Italy” from the Upper Crust location in North Olmsted, OH for $50. The self-made chef and pizza industry veteran behind the award-winning pizza, Issam Halawi, just might be the one taking your order.

Known for providing hot, fresh food to its customers quickly, Upper Crust offers premium pizza and chicken for carry out and delivery to a loyal community of consumers. To meet the needs of its health conscious and gluten-free customers, Upper Crust is offering any of its pizzas with Smart Flour Foods’ certified gluten-free, whole-grain pizza crusts. Made from the same dough that was used in the award-winning “Big Italy,” these crusts feature a clean ingredient deck and the ancient grains sorghum, amaranth and teff. The sister company to Upper Crust, Pizza Bogo, will be incorporating Smart Flour Foods’ crusts into their menu as well.

“I have been in the pizza business for over 25 years and cooking for 23, but it never gets old to know someone enjoys what you created. We pulled out all the stops with ‘Big Italy’ and couldn’t be more proud of this gourmet creation,” said Halawi.

Added Paul Cialdella, COO of Smart Flour Foods, “It was fantastic to align with Upper Crust on this award-winning pizza. Issam’s recipe really proves that with the right crust, a gluten-free pizza can make mouths water just as much or more as its wheat counterparts.”

Smart Flour Foods’ pizza crusts are available at restaurants and retail locations nationwide. The company also produces a lineup of pre-made frozen pizzas. Visit www.smartflourfoods.com and www.uppercrustoh.com to learn more.