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Welcome to Smart Flour Foods!  We are passionate about providing delicious, nutritious gluten-free bread products.  We are very sensitive to maintaining the highest gluten-free standards and are obsessed with great tasting breads.  We are foodies at heart.  Check us out here, order online or see which great establishments carry our products!
Naturally Gluten Free

What is Smart Flour?

Many gluten free products lack essential vitamins & minerals. Smart Flour™ is a unique gluten free flour blend of ancient grains created by Smart Flour Foods. It is more nutritious than traditional gluten free and typical whole wheat flour mixes and brings a great flavor and texture to our products. This flour blend, comprised primarily of amaranth, teff, sorghum and tapioca has an enhanced nutritional profile, including more minerals, vitamins, and fiber than most other flour, gluten free or not. ...more

Smart Flour Blends

Tired of beany, cardboard tasting gluten free flour? We were. Our Smart Flour blends are made with proprietary flour comprised of ancient grains for a superior taste to most bland rice and potato-dominated gluten free blends that crowd the marketplace.
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Hamburger Buns

Our hamburger buns deliver a mouth-watering punch of great taste. They have the thick soft, airy inside that is usually associated with gluten-laden homemade white breads except ours are healthy and gluten free!
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Our addictive brownies have won blind contests in the dessert categories. People just can’t believe they are gluten free. We dare you to try any of our desserts and not become a huge fan.
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Pizza Crusts

Smart Flour Foods is proud to bring you our gluten-free ancient grain pizza crust. This delicious crust is made with our proprietary Smart Flour, a blend that includes the ancient grains sorghum, amaranth and teff. This blend gives our pizza crusts the taste and texture unlike any other gluten-free pizza crusts on the market. Simply add sauce and toppings to create your own version of the perfect pizza.

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