Ancient Grain Bread

If you’re looking for a hoagie roll or hamburger bun that is worthy of an award, you have come to the right place. With the perfect amount of hearty taste and texture, be sure to “wow” every guest, regardless of dietary needs or restrictions.

ProductDOT Item #Case PkUnit Wt
7" Ancient Grain Hoagie Rolls664807243oz
12" Ancient Grain hoagie rolls696033244.4oz
4" Ancient Grain Hamburger Bun633569242.5oz

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Smart Facts

  • Certified Gluten-Free (GIG)
  • Vegan to cater to the masses
  • Made with our unique ancient grain blend, our OG of breadshave the ideal mix of superior taste and texture.
  • Individually wrapped for kitchen convenience and to furthereliminate the chance of cross-contamination.

Proudly available through Gluten Free Logoand many distributors nationwide.

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