Creating great meals and great moments

We believe that everyone should love what they eat, and our passion is creating amazing foods through the power of ancient grains.

The Beginning


In 2005, two local Austinites set out on a mission to bring a naturally gluten-free product to market that was both delicious and nutritionally sound. A gluten-free masterpiece was created when they combined the ancient grains sorghum, amaranth and teff to create the flour blend. This recipe became the foundation of a company called Gluten Free Kneads, and from there, they sold their first pizza crust into a restaurant in 2008.

Love at First Slice


In 2009, tech company CEO Charlie Pace (also a local Austinite) consulted with a nutritionist, underwent a health cleanse, and discovered his gluten intolerance. In his search for great food options to fit in with his new dietary lifestyle, he tried a Gluten Free Kneads’ pizza crust at a local restaurant and fell in love with the product – you can say that it was “love at first slice”.

New Name, Same Grains


Seeing an opportunity to bring ancient grains to the masses, Charlie bought Gluten Free Kneads in 2011 and re-branded it as Smart Flour, noting its broad appeal for pizza-lovers everywhere. The company continued to provide premium products for foodservice customers, and the first Smart Flour pizza was sold into Whole Foods in 2014. Smart Flour’s success in foodservice and launch into retail has been instrumental in transforming the gluten-free market and the overall perception of gluten-free foods.

The Future


There is no end to great taste. Smart Flour takes food seriously; we are constantly on the lookout for the next “greatest thing since sliced bread”. We make it our personal responsibility to create delicious culinary driven products that are superior and preferred among today’s gluten-free consumers.


Letter from Charlie (the CEO)

Welcome to Smart Flour Foods! On behalf of our team, we’re very glad that you’re here, and if you‘re searching for great tasting and nutritious gluten-free foods, you‘re in the right place.

I began this journey into gluten-free back in 2009, after I determined my own gluten intolerance. When I first started looking around for gluten-free foods to replace the things I couldn‘t eat, I quickly discovered just how hard it is to find quality gluten-free products. More than just something good to eat, I wanted to continue to enjoy all the shared meals and wonderful experiences that good food creates. And that‘s why I‘m so passionate about Smart Flour…it‘s more than food, it‘s more than a product, it‘s something that gives families and friends, gluten-free or not, the ability to break bread together once again.

This passion makes Smart Flour more than just another product you find in a store or restaurant. We‘re a team of people that put our hearts and souls into the products we make and sell every day. And we have more surprises on the way. So, stay tuned, and enjoy!

– Charlie