Are you a restaurant owner/operator looking to level up?  
Smart Flour Foods provide simple culinary solutions that offer flexibility in your kitchen without sacrificing taste.

Superior Performing Crusts

  • Superb for take-out and delivery: Let your guests bring home the hot, fresh pizzeria quality to their own table.
  • Easy kitchen process: Help streamline your kitchen by (typically) baking at the same time and temperature as traditional pizza crusts.

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Future of Gluten-Free Breads

  • Superior taste and texture: Gone are the days of ”good enough” gluten-free. With dual application for hot and cold creations, our breads will hold up to even the heartiest of sandwiches.
  • Easy kitchen process: Our breads come individually wrapped to lessen the chance of contamination and decrease in waste in the kitchen.
  • Award winning: In case you don’t trust OUR taste buds, our hoagie roll won a FABI; one taste and you’ll certainly know why!

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