Ancient-Grain Cauliflower Pizza Crusts

The "plant-based food craze" has taken the world by storm over the last several years and it’s for good reason: Healthy dietary habits are gaining more traction as consumers are making a conscious effort to eat more wholesome foods. Smart Flour’s NEW Ancient-Grain Cauliflower Pizza Crusts provide a plant-based foundation that is sought after. Our ancient-grain flour gives a boost of maximum protein and taste.

ProductDOT Item #Case PkUnit Wt
10" Original707846126.0oz
Shelf Life
Frozen365 Days
Refrigerated3 Days
Ambient0 Days

Smart Facts

  • Made with naturally gluten-free ancient grains
  • High protein (7g per serving)
  • Free from rice flour and other low-quality "fillers"
  • Delivers taste for the masses – we have found a happy medium that delivers on both function AND taste
  • Par baked crust: no need to thaw before topping/cooking
  • Works great in a variety of ovens, including high-heat and wood fire.

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