COVID-19: A Year Ago

Back in late 2019, we made the incredibly tough decision to discontinue our retail line and solely focus on our original roots in food service. At this time, we knew the only way this plan could fail would be “if all of the restaurants suddenly shut down”. 


For us, for our customers, and for all restaurants and businesses across the world – we didn’t know the challenges that were about to present themselves as well as the journey we would need to take to come out on the other side…alive (both literally and figuratively). 

For all of the restaurants and businesses that pulled through a dark time in 2020 – you rock. To the businesses who unfortunately did not make it to the other side, we know that you’ll have something bigger and better coming to the world in the very near future. 

Regardless on what side of the fence that you are now on, we want you to know that Smart Flour supports the food service industry and are relieved to finally see progress of rebuilding, particularly now that restaurants are continuing to open back up. 

To reflect on the positive for the food service industry throughout the last 12 months, restaurants have had to get incredibly creativity on HOW to get products to their loyal customers. Figure in the costs of plexiglass, hand sanitizer and protective equipment for all employees; a year ago, this sounds like something nightmares are made of, but it’s been done out of necessity. Some of you did not previously have take-out or delivery, but those services are now thriving within your store. With all of the challenges presented, you survived the storm. Your business survived. WE, as an industry….survived.  

We’re truly thankful for each and every person within the food service industry that continued to bring their best to the table (pun only slightly intended) through the trying times. To the distributors – we absolutely recognize the time and efforts that went into delivering to your customers, with short staffing and unknown protocols throughout the year. Last but certainly not least, we’re incredibly thankful for our own customers who were able to continue serving Smart Flour items in their restaurants, giving their gluten-free patrons the peace of mind and familiarity they have with all of Smart Flour’s breads and pizza crusts. We could never have done it without you. 

Now as we cross the 1 year mark of our lives changing....what is next?