Taste Triumphs in Restaurants with a Gluten-Free Menu Publication: Specialty Foods

By Shaina Ostroff, Reach Public Relations


Smart Flour Foods Grows Customer Sales with Gluten-Free Pizza Crust made with Ancient Grains

Austin, TX – Smart Flour Foods, an innovative company behind a unique gluten-free flour blend made with ancient grains, is working to raise the quality of gluten-free restaurant pizza across the country, pizzeria by pizzeria, pie by pie. While most gluten-free pizza crust is made primarily of bland-tasting and nutritionally void rice and potato blends, Smart Flour Foods’ proprietary flour is created with sorghum, amaranth and teff. These powerful whole grains contribute to the crust’s delicious taste, classic texture, and enhanced nutritional profile.

Providing premium, par-baked gluten-free crusts to foodservice customers since 2005, Smart Flour Foods has witnessed the restaurant industry change over the years and seen how much of an impact taste and quality can have on customer sales. For example, Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers, a pizzeria with over 150 U.S. locations, carried a gluten-free pizza crust and then replaced it with Smart Flour Foods’ crust in 2013. Within five months of making the switch, the company’s sales went up.

Shared Charlie Pace, Smart Flour Foods president and CEO, “Simply checking the box and carrying a gluten-free option on the menu isn’t cutting it anymore. Customers can taste the difference between quality and cardboard, and the word spreads quickly. When the pizza tastes good, it becomes a meal the whole family can enjoy together. Smart Flour Foods is proud to provide a premium-quality gluten-free product that is appealing to those with and without dietary restrictions.”

Limited to where and what they can eat, the gluten-intolerant consumer is often the restaurant decision maker for the family. By providing an allergy-friendly option for this individual, the doors open to a whole new group of customers connected to them.

Available in 8, 10 and 12 inch sizes, Smart Flour Foods’ pizza crust is currently served in nearly 500 restaurants nationwide, including Giordano’s, Mellow Mushroom, Mr. Jim’s Pizza, Mary’s Pizza Shack, Pie Five, Topgolf locations, and others. Smart Flour Foods supports its customers with gluten-free education, such as sharing best practices for avoiding cross contamination in the kitchen. In addition to pizza crusts, Smart Flour Foods also offers gluten-free hamburger buns and pancake and waffle mix to restaurants nationwide. All Smart Flour Foods’ products are made with the company’s ancient grain flour blend. Visit for more information. Smart Flour Foods: Delicious. Nutritious. Always gluten-free.

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